Each of our lines of dental chairs is designed to meet different seating positions and different working modes. A wide range from which to choose the one that best suits your needs.


OK is an ergonomic chair, made of plastic, which houses a small cushion in the seat to ensure greater comfort. The saddle seat promotes dynamism in movements: it can be adjusted both in height and in depth, ranging between low and high working positions, up to the upright position. The backrest, adjustable in height and with integrated armrests, facilitates both work at the desk and the rest of the upper body. Ok also allows you to adjust and block the inclination tension of the backrest.

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The peculiarity of the MESH seat lies in the 3D backrest, intelligent and frameless, which allows you to stretch, move freely and find a healthy balance between support and freedom of movement. The elastic threads of the suspension backrest are of varying thickness and tension, to provide greater support in the transition areas along the spine and less support at the other points. A system that favors a wide range of movements even while sitting.

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The ZAFFIRO seat is the modern benchmark for pressure distribution, natural alignment and healthy movement. A chair that combines active and passive ergonomics to encourage effortless long-term sitting. Its distinctive spinal design allows you to manually adjust the fit to the back, while the seat and backrest with pixelated texture automatically adapt to each micro-movement.

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The FLAT seat is a small task chair with plastic (PP) seat and backrest. Its light and agile design, variety of colors and the base of the small foot, make it suitable everywhere. The inBalance mechanism, positioned in the center, intuitively follows every movement, offering maximum comfort during the working day, helping the professional to stay productive and healthy. Made of 94% post-consumer plastic and 97-98% recycled aluminium, FLAT is a sustainable choice.

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SEDU is a technical and versatile laboratory operating seat, with backrest and seat in fresh solid beech wood 25mm thick. Sedu is equipped with synchronized mechanism, permanent contact and gas seat elevation. The chrome-plated aluminium base gives it an extremely contemporary aesthetic.

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