For almost 50 years we have been working with enthusiasm and a passion for doing things well: this is what our customers call 'the CATO style'.


Beyond the excellence

The history of CATO begins in 1976, in a small town in the North East of Italy. Born from the brilliant intuition of its founder, Donato Dalla Libera, today CATO is still characterized by the dedication of the beginnings, the same that led it to become a leader in the sector of technical furniture for dental laboratories and dental offices. Almost 50 years have passed, a long time lived with the passion that has always distinguished us. Our commitment is always aimed at design and produce extremely technical creations, the result of ideals, tenacity and foresight, principles that have given life to the CATO style.


Towards new goals

“Looking always ahead” is what Donato taught to his sons Stefano and Valentina who today leads the company with full awareness and respect for what has been created until now. Today, at CATO’s helm there is a big family that every day puts its experience at the service of professionals, always offering the best solution to meet and anticipate their needs. Each new aim is reached thanks to the combination of skills strengthen over the time and the continuous relationship with the customer: an approach that allows us to constantly broaden our horizons, leading us to explore new and ambitious sectors as well. Wherever there is the need of absolute precision and technical furnishings highly composed of ergonomics, design, technology, quality of materials and in-depth knowledge of every need, there is a CATO solution.


People as a source of inspiration

Our ambition leads us to carry on the same principles and solid values that gave birth to our company philosophy. At the center of every CATO creation, we put the person with his work and his needs. We start from this perspective to carry out projects that meet functionality, safety and perfect integration between ergonomics, design, technological innovation as well as respect for the environment and the customer care. An attention that is also perceived in the rigorous choice of materials, as much as possible ecological and recyclable, in the quality with which products are made and services are managed in the pre and after sales. What makes us unique is the passion we put into everything we do, the same that drives us every day
to think, conceive and design our new best product.


The ambition that runs the future

The constant propensity to look further becomes a vision of the future and concern all the company activities: from strategy to design, from the research for innovative solutions for operational and collective spaces to the attention for the well-being of the environment and of the person. In our future there is the desire to guarantee to every professional the best working conditions in terms of ergonomics and functionality, in all the situations where maximum precision is required. An ideal of perfection that is realized in work environments designed to allow the best way to perform work activities. A continuous challenge that constantly broadens our horizons to satisfy and anticipate our costumers needs. A vision that takes shape in a complete range of products for the dental technician, the dentist, but also for the goldsmith sector and for new frontiers of excellence.


Made in Italy, our style

Attention to quality and style has always been the prerogative of our company which is totally focused on the made in Italy: at CATO we develop and implement every phase of our work, from design to installation, entirely within our territory, drawing on resources as close to us as possible. An objective that we pursue through the balance between industrial process and craftsmanship together with the passion for things done well, the strengths of our production capacity. We constantly organize training courses within the company aimed at making our staff more and more specialized and competent. Our proudly Italian know-how consolidated over the years, has allowed an ever-increasing internationalization of the brand. Year after year, we have built our history confirming to be a leader company in dental technical furniture and a source of inspiration for those who have tried to reproduce what we have created to be unique. Today CATO is present in 80 countries with an export volume of over 70% of its production.


The shapes of movements

Consider the person at the center of each of our creations is the heart and the engine of everything we do. Each CATO creation is unique because is designed and tailored to meet every professional need of our customers. A work carried out with passion and dedication, ethical qualities that become tangible values in all our technical furnishings. The attention to the ergonomic aspect of every single component is aimed at obtaining always the best dynamic management of movements and the postural well-being of professionals. Doing each job as smoothly and correctly as possible, every day for several hours, can make a difference for the body, the mood and, more generally, for a better quality of life.


Taylor made with passion and dedication

Each CATO creation starts from the perspective of a careful customization that fully responds to the needs of professionals. The attention to details, the selection of materials, the advanced degree of innovation and the ability to adapt products to individual needs are the fundamentals values of our tailor-made creations. An expertise that is integral part of the Italian style and that has become over the time a distinctive value of CATO, a signature that certifies the quality of each of our creations. Our projects start from a careful preliminary analysis of each environment: only in this way can we obtain an optimal space management that offers the most functional solution even to the most complex situations, guaranteeing the most effective workflow and the greater productivity. Aesthetics is also an important value for us: in addition to the design of the shapes, further elements of personalization of our lines are given by the possibility of choosing between different materials, finishes and chromatic scales that also include the RAL Design one.


Ever-changing specialists

For us at Cato, innovation means an open mind to anticipate and understand the evolutions in an ever-changing sector, an incentive to equip our creations with an increasingly advanced technological level. Cato is synonymous of quality in research and development, in design, in production and in the choice of materials all combined with the sensitivity placed in perceiving and satisfying the changes in the sector and the needs of each individual customer. In this sense, the collaboration with the professionals of the dental technician sector has allowed us to follow and support the evolution of their needs. We have been able to understand how they now require a workplace that can no longer be defined simply as a laboratory, but a real dental technician office. Similarly, new technologies have also evolved the way of working of dentists who, as never before, must be able to count on a more articulated and flexible environment. A change of perspective that reflects the new needs we are committed to satisfy.


A responsible commitment to protect people and our planet

Our commitment has always been aimed at respecting the planet and protecting health, ambitious goals that we pursue by combining innovation, technology and quality. The attention to the ecological aspect of our products is based on the choice and use of materials obtained from energy-efficient and non-polluting production processes.The use of metal as the main material for the creation of our products, in addition to providing their high hygienic quality, increases their duration over time, making them highly recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. We have been the first company in our sector to introduce the use of the Richlite ®, one of the most environmentally friendly materials existing now. All Richlite ® panels are composed of 65% paper and 35% phenolic resin which has the ECOBind™ label as it don’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


The beginning of a long history

In the Cornuda plant, CATO designs and develops the first operating units for the dental laboratory.

Intuition as a driver of innovation

CATO perfects the workstations with innovative solutions at the time through the integration of technical duct for access to the systems and shelves for workboxes with drawers.

Pioneers in space optimisation

Another innovation becomes part of the CATO offer: the lowered modules for the oven. The operating units are also equipped with instrument housing with a retractable return system.

In continuous evolution

Electro-galvanized sheet metal is introduced, a material that is extremely resistant to corrosion. In the same period, the CAD computer system is adopted in the design phase.

Ergonomics as a principle of evolution

SERIE 84 is born, a line with rounded anti-trauma shapes, full of ergonomic, functional and aesthetic innovations. A successful line, much appreciated over the years and still in demand by the market.

Beyond the horizons

CATO, in strong growth, broadens its horizons and makes its debut in the dental sector with ACQUARELLO, modular line complete with resuscitation unit.

Professionalism is dressed in practicality

The drawers of the operating units and auxiliary modules are integrated with polyurethane armrests, restful and anti-trauma.

Always a material ahead

First in the dental sector, CATO introduces the use of CORIAN®DuPont, a flexible, resistant material with a significant aesthetic impact.

An operator-friendly workstation

The first adjustable workstations are created: through electromechanical devices, they allow to adapt the height of the top to that of the operator, thus improving the posture.

Quality is in the air

ORTHOBOX is born, a unique orthodontic solution on the market. An operating module for resin processing with odor abatement and air recycling system.

Rationality and functionality, together

A new operational concept is presented, the COMPACT LAB: all the functions of a dental laboratory in a single solution that reduces the necessary space and optimizes plant and management costs.

The conquest of a new SPAZIO (space in Italian)

The ambitious project takes shape and the first SPAZIO units go into production, immediately appreciated for the uniqueness of the integrated ergonomic and functional systems.

30th ANNIVERSARY. A great achievement

The passion we put into what we do, does not make us realize the time that passes. Coming to celebrate such important dates, give us confirmation of the goodness of our work and your growing trust in us.

The perfect balance between functionality and design

EKOKA' and PRAXIS are born with a clean and functional design. Two lines of furniture for the dental practice complete with sterilization center.

The freedom to imagine. The ability to do

The prototype of a prestigious line for the dental office entirely made of glass and Corian® DuPont is born, equipped with drawers with electric Touch Latch opening and RGB LED therapeutic chrome lighting.

New frontiers of ergonomics

The offer for the dental practice is integrated by PRIME, a line with a minimalist design that gives space to functionality and SHINY, CATO quality and essential spirit.

Quality for everyone

OTINED COMBY takes a new shape and, thanks to its young and versatile spirit, represents the right solution for the dental technician looking for quality at low costs.

Excellence is in the details

SHARP is born, a line characterized by its elegance and clean and linear design that gives space to the richness of the details.

CATO celebrates 40 years of activity

Thanks to an increasing experience, important collaborations with leading companies in the sector are confirmed and the expansion of foreign markets is strengthened.

Professionalism launches new challenges

Thanks to its great experience, CATO undertakes the challenge of bringing the functionality of its work tables to all areas where maximum precision is required. New lines are born for the oenology and goldsmith sectors.

The usual values, a new way of communicating them

CATO renews its image by presenting the restyling of the historic logo and expressing with the payoff the desire to do more and more, better and better.


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